Kelowna Optimization

Content Is Still King In 2021

Are your clients finding the content they are searching for?

If your branding revolves around creating great content for your target market, you are on your way to pleasing your desired user experience and Google. With the new update, providing high-quality information for your audience should be combined with an understanding of search queries. The algorithm now comprehends the context of users’ search queries and tailoring your writing to user searches will yield the best results. Focus on what your prospective audience is looking for and not what service or product you want to sell them.

User Experience

While Schema has been around for almost a decade, its importance is picking up steam in recent years. It is a concept created through a joint effort between the major search engines and aims to provide additional information to their bots so as to best read websites.

This additional information includes clarification regarding places, products, people, organizations and creative work. Understanding how to use the relevant tags for creating this structure can give your website an edge in the rankings. It will also allow you to build a user experience that is optimal for your audience by structuring it optimally for search engines.

Put User Experience on Mobile First

It used to be considered a best practice to create a website that ran smoothly on a computer while trying your best to make it bearable on mobile devices. This narrative has been flipped on its head since 2016 when mobile internet users surpassed those that use desktop. In the eyes of Google, it is now preferable to start designing your website with the mobile user in mind.

Take Video Seriously

In the Canada and the United States. over 85 percent of internet users watch videos online. This is a factor that Google weighs heavily. If you don’t have the know-how or equipment to produce award-winning videos, there’s no need to worry. As long as you can create informative presentations in video format that your audience will spend time-consuming, you will gain the ranking benefits.

As a bonus, using YouTube to publish your videos and embedding them on your website will go a long way with Google, since it owns the platform.

Account for Voice Search

Voice queries are becoming a larger percentage of the total searches conducted by users. As you probably can guess by the previous tips, Google assigns higher importance to trending behaviors in its algorithm. The adoption of voice search is one such factor that you can benefit from as a website owner.

In order to take advantage of voice search, make sure your text is written in a conversational tone. Focus on location-specific, long-tail keywords that will be picked up easier by Google and matched to user specifications. If your website is structured for speed and your images are fully optimized, you should be able to vie for the lion’s share of voice searches.

Attracting More Clients

Attracting clients through your website will always be about positioning your brand as an authority in your niche. It’s vital to understand that there are websites that don’t meet every single search engine requirement and are still making sales.

Follow the tips mentioned above and you will be able to track a continuous path toward the top of the Kelowna search rankings. Don’t forget to utilize a powerful call to action where applicable. After all, your ultimate goal is to build a customer base and sell your products ad services